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Water fun at Jalavihar | Hyderabad

What you see - Bang in the middle of Necklace Road is Jalavihar. Screams and laughter reach you even before you see the place. A relatively massive entrance greets you here. Enter and you’ll realize it is a sea of Lilliputs with parents in tow.

What you get – Entrance fee is Rs. 50. But to get a water band which allows you to play in all the water games umpteen number of times, you have to shell out another Rs. 100.

The first thing you notice as you enter is a faux bungee jumping game where you are tied securely with a few elastic cords and instead of falling you are made to jump. It can be tried by people of all ages.

For water games, you are required to change before you step into any pool. The preferred dress is slacks and T-shirt or a swim suit. You can always bring your own clothes, though these are offered here even on rental basis. It is Rs. 25 to rent a T-shirt with Rs. 100 as refundable deposit. It is the same rate for slacks and shorts. For kids, the rental is Rs. 15. You are provided lockers too for Rs. 20 and Rs. 50 deposit.

There are six water rides, a kids’ pool and a swimming pool here. One of the simplest water slide (one without curves or depressions), requires you to lie flat on your back. You are given a push and off you go zooming down and into a water pool at the end of the slide. Yes, it is an uphill task to go back up as you have to climb a long stairway. Just beside this is a longer slide with a steep climb and a drop. Here you are given a mat to lie on and then the initial push should get you all the way down.
They have other two twisty and curvy water tunnels a little ahead. Here you are required to flow down sitting in a float. The difference between the two is that in one you can go single while in the other, you can use a specially designed float that enables two persons to go together.
They have a U-shaped water ride that looks like a pendulum. Here you are pushed down one slope, and the force takes you up the opposite climb and continues. It is absolutely fun and a must try.

That is not all. They have a kids’ pool and a swimming pool. The kids’ pool seems to be much more fun as they have slides leading to it. There are even a lot of water buckets oscillating while fixed to a pole, so that it drops water on you standing underneath. There are a few other ceramic animals spurting water too.

They have land games too. These include bumping cars, rocking horses, helicopters and a toy-train ride. You will have to shell out extra to ride these games. It is Rs. 30 for the bumping cars and Rs. 15 for the other rides.
If you are famished after all the fun, there are food counters too. It is more of Indian fare, but they do have Chinese items such as noodles and fresh juices too and ice creams of course.

Our verdict - It is a complete family entertainment center in the middle of the city and won’t dent your wallet too. Rides are fun but more effort could be put into the cleanliness aspect. You should be careful not to slip with all the water lying around. Besides, the rest rooms are not at their cleanest best as they have a few muddy traces because of people rushing in and out. Better to bring your own swimming clothes here.

Anytime between - 2 PM - 7.30 PM (Weekdays)
                                   11 AM - 8 PM (Weekends)


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