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Wanna learn Capoeira? Try Steps | Hyderabad

What you see - Stress relief, fat-burning exercise… That’s how dance sells today…at least the brochure of Steps – Studio for Danz in Banjara Hills tells us that. Probably because, as R Prithviraj, the artistic director of the studio tells us that most of his corporate clientèle uses dance as a stress-busting technique. And who are these corporate clients you ask? Cognizant and Satyam, to name a few, he says. Steps has a whole bunch of individual clients as well – starting from 3-year olds and moving towards 50-year olds.

Prithviraj started this one-hall studio with three more trainers 3-4 years back. Now this man is basically from Chennai and the reason for him to start a dance studio in

Hyderabad is as simple as less real estate cost in Hyderabad than in Chennai. This city appears to have become his home now what with him even getting offers to choreograph in movies. But is he interested? “Nah! Actors and actresses have loads of attitude. I’d rather not,” he says.

What you get – You can learn jazz, hip-hop and salsa (both the LA and the New York one – the latter, we learnt, starts at Step 2 instead of Step 1) as well as ballet. Another dance form that kids and elders could learn here is the Tango.

Prithviraj has just returned after a dance course in various forms of western dance from Broadway Dance Center in New York (known to be the second home for dancers). The latest that he has learned is the Capoeira which is basically an Afro-Brazilian dance-cum-martial art form.

Here you or your kids can go for either individual or group classes. And what’s good here? They teach western dance on western numbers and not Bollywood or Tollywood hits. However, if you have a special program lined up where you have to play “Filmi” numbers, they don’t mind training you on those as well.

Course fees for a 16-day summer batch are Rs. 1,850 for kids and Rs. 2,100 for adults. They even have a 10-month course (2-3 times a week) for which rates differ. And guess what? Debit and credit cards are also accepted here though with an additional service charge of 2.5 per cent. Yes! They do have stage performances at the end as well.

Our visit to the studio ended with us overhearing a conversation that Prithviraj was having with a potential customer on the phone. A mother of a 15-year old girl was inquiring about whether her daughter could learn Salsa there. We heard him trying to educate the lady that she very well could, but with a male partner. And guess what the mother’s query was - Why not with a female partner? It just made us realize why Hyderabad is a perfect blend of modernity and conservatism.

Our verdict - This studio is on the road opposite to Taj Banjara. Now the building may actually make you think twice before entering it. Besides, there are two lifts here. One does not seem to work while the other takes you to the sixth floor where you expect to see the studio but have to climb up another floor to reach it. So to cut it short, don’t expect a dance school with any frills at all. Go there just for the sake of dance.

Anytime between - 9 AM – 9 PM

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