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TMC, for all things electronic | Hyderabad

What you see - From a humble beginning in 1980 with a small shop in Malakpet, Tirumala Music Center (TMC), the brainchild of Amarnath, has grown into one of the largest consumer electronics and home appliances business in Andhra Pradesh.

What you get - Electronic goods are ubiquitous and standardized. So, how does TMC differentiate itself form others? Well, TMC claims that it provides better customer service than its counterparts. MetroMela checked it out to see if the claim carried any truth.

We went to the Begumpet branch of TMC to check out the range of microwave ovens and though did not intend buy one immediately landed up acquiring one. TMC's customer service representatives are definitely good at their job!

Another differentiating factor between TMC and its competitors is the number of promotional schemes that it offers time and again. Customers are often drawn by their attractive offers.

Also, with every bill, the customer gets a letter from Amarnath assuring them of quality goods and giving them the helpline numbers. Some may consider it as a marketing ploy, but it sure works in enhancing customer satisfaction. His personal number is also made available for communication and rectification of any problem.

Our verdict - TMC stocks almost all varieties of consumer electronics ranging from televisions and microwave ovens, to washing machines and music systems. However, it needs to have a larger variety of Sony Handy cams. In fact, in this category, the customer support also falls short of expectations.
Anytime between - 10 AM - 10 PM

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