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Rainbow Hospital, truly for the children | Hyderabad

What you see - If one was to borrow from the definition of a democracy, the Rainbow Hospital is for the children and of the children but by the doctors. Taking a cue from nature where rainbow brings together a myriad of colors, the Rainbow Hospital too is designed to bring together an entire range of pediatric services at one place.

The first thing that strikes you about Rainbow Hospital is its spaciousness with regard to exteriors. Contrary to traditional hospital environment, the parking space is well laid-out. The Emergency section and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are positioned right near the gate for easy access, and the signage is well-designed.

The reception area and the basic hospital look a bit cramped though. Nonetheless, the colors and designs on the walls make it children-friendly, giving it the look of a play-school.

What you get - In view of the modern day lifestyle and changing attitudes, specialized health care in pediatric oncology, nephrology and neurology is provided at Rainbow. The hospital is equipped to handle premature deliveries as early as 26 weeks. It also has a full-fledged pharmacy and dental clinic within its premises. Add the array of doctors specializing in various aspects of child health and you are assured of the best possible attention to your child.

With regard to the financials, most of the medical insurance service providers have the Rainbow Hospital on their panel. Even in the absence of insurance cover, the cost of the healthcare services that are exclusive to children are quite reasonable taking into consideration the facilities and services being provided. The average room rent is Rs. 2,500 per day. Rainbow also has a neonatal and pediatric mobile ICU, which can be reached at 040-23397699, 23319061/64.

Our verdict – While there are several pediatricians, nursing homes and multi-specialty hospitals in the city, there aren’t many that specialize in child healthcare. Rainbow is one of the few. We liked what we saw, especially because it seems to be one hospital where kids would not get scared to visit. Here’s hoping though that they don’t need to. Parking space is available.

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