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Lord's Furniture - Himayatnagar

  • Category:Furniture, Shopping
  • Type: home, office
  • Phone: 040-40128200
  • Address: # 3-6-307, Hyderguda,
    Hyderabad - 560025.
  • LandMark: Near HDFC

Lord's Furniture store deals with a wide range of furniture for different purposes. Furniture for office and furniture for home are both available here.

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Rohan's Review on 06-12-2010
1.00  1.00 star: Customer rating of Lord's Furniture,Himayatnagar

For all you youngsters wanting to design and get your bed done.... Here is my review and experience from this Company..... The old man that runs this shop does not listen to what the customer want and builds what ever he feels is good enough for him, as a result you will end up with substandard wooden furniture and poor finish. I gave him a design for a queen size teak wood bed and was promised the deliver in 3 week but ended up waiting for 5 weeks for delivery. On checking the bed out a couple of days before the delivery date, i noticed that the the under side of the bed was not even coated with a single layer of polish. The ply wood was painted with some yellow paint and was so thin a 10 year old who slep on it would break it in two. I asked him to replace the ply wood and he gave me some old stuff from his workshop, as a result i had to spend 2 back breaking days washing the dirt and grease off it. Now 2 months later, the wood is cracking and one side of the bed is tilting. Flaws 1. Bad workmanship 2. Not enough polish and varnish applied 3. Poor quality teak wood 4. holes in teak filled up 5. poor quality thin plywood 6. Cracks are now more visible and Bed is breaking and cracking after 2 months

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