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Gansan for Tanjore works and Art Classes | Hyderabad

What you see - As you walk up the steps to the gallery, glass shop windows display beautiful canvas paintings of various sizes. The display here might be misleading if you begin to expect rows of these canvas to line the gallery inside. As we step into the gallery itself, the artworks inside present a different picture altogether. The main hall of the gallery is lined with rows of Tanjore paintings in various sizes and shapes. As we proceed further into the U shaped gallery we find many more beautiful murals, canvas paintings stacked or on display and other works. From the inside, a small store room connects the gallery to the Gansan Art Club, which also has its own main entrance. Here we find art teachers and students working on their sketches or paintings. The whole place has the look and feel of a workshop. There is a small glass room within the art club which has books and other reading material, forming a library for its members.

What you get – Gansan has on display a variety of styles, sizes and shapes of Tanjore art works. Some beautiful little lord Krishna Tanjore paintings and works of Lord Balaji caught our eye. Gansan Art Gallery also claims that its Tanjore paintings are unique in their detailed work and are decorated with Swarovski crystals whereas traditionally diamonds are used for embellishing the paintings. In addition they have a life long offer of making Tanjore works of Lord Venkateshwara on a cost-to-cost basis, which they say they do out of their devotion to the deity.

Apart from selecting from the pieces on display you can also get your art work customized to suit your taste and budget. They work with sizes ranging from 5x6 inches and going to 3x4 feet or even more. It takes them just a couple of days to produce your piece and their skilled artists can even bring out 4-5 pieces within a week. They also deal with murals for your walls, landscapes and other works in Acrylic and can also work on sculptures. The art club takes students from 4 years upwards. Classes begin at 11 AM and the club remains open up to 8 PM. A class is for two hours and usually a course runs for one year. A student is introduced to various styles, media and types of paintings.

Materials have to be purchased separately but the club offers discounts of up to 10% on materials for students. The fees vary depending on age etc. The art teachers Varun and Anita can be found painting at the club. Children from all over the city come to the club and the gallery boasts of clients from other states as well. There are assistants to help you out and ample parking space is available.

Our verdict - Gansan claims Tanjore art works as its specialty, so if you are looking for some beautiful Tanjore painting for your home or office then you should give this place a try. The art club is an excellent recreational place for kids and adults.

Anytime between - 11 AM – 8 PM

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