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Gaming fun at SVM@36, Hyderabad | Hyderabad

What you see – SVM@36 is a gaming/entertainment mall on Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The huge display SVM@36, virtual games, Hyderabadboard that’s almost as tall as the building is an eye-catcher. The sheer size of the structure makes you stop and wonder. The fact that it is a gaming and entertainment hotspot without the customary multiplex adds a unique appeal to its entertainment value.

What you get – SVM@36 has four floors with a basement to boot. As you walk in, you notice restaurants such as Istanbul Kebab, Subway, Texas Chicken and Finjaan. An escalator takes you to the top floors. There are elevators on the other side as well. A lot of attention has been focused on modern designs as the elevator for instance comes without the regular wall switch panel outside. And then there are LCD screens positioned at strategic locations displaying advertisements or even the latest item on the menu at the restaurants here. More than anything else, it is the large circulation space that you are taken aback with considering the choc-a-block malls that dot Hyderabad.  On the first floor, there are more well-designed food court restaurants like Kebab & Biryani, South Town, NH-7 – Connecting North (with a cool yellow highway logo) and Bandi (which has a bandi / pushcart instead of a cash counter).

On the 2nd floor is Rush, where all the gaming action happens. It has arcade games, a mini golf island and Café Rush, a coffee shop in between. Towards the right is the very chic LAN gaming room for all the World of Warcraft-esque multiplayer game enthusiasts. Next to it is a wall of stuffed toys and games which can be won with the points redeemed at the arcade games. Then there’s a string of LCD televisions surrounded by blue neon rings along with very comfortable and ergonomic gaming chairs. This is a gaming console paradise, with Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, in their latest avatars. There is enough space for you to enjoy the Wii games so you can throw your best punch or swing for that great return. There is also the Rush Lounge with three enclosures which you can rent with friends and play in privacy. Each lounge enclosure has a projector which makes the games life size.Bowling alley, SVM@36, Hyderabad So if you fancy your chances against Roger Federer, even though in a mock game, this is the place to be. The technology employed on this floor is cutting edge. All the games run at their highest possible resolution be it HD or Digital Sound.

On the 3rd floor of SVM@36 is the Xtreme Sports Bar, which again comes with a lot of space and has a fancy large screen to enjoy sports. It also has a dedicated smoking room. The usage of glass enclosures instead of walls adds a touch of class. To the left of the bar is the state-of-the-art AMF Bowling Alley, with the latest bowling equipment and machines to make the experience unforgettable.

Other interesting additions here include Toon Kidz, the Cartoon Network merchandise store for kids in the basement, which has bags, trinkets, pens, pencils and other paraphernalia associated with your favourite characters.

Our verdict – SVM@36 in Hyderabad is unique in terms of entertainment value and has the first mover advantage. It offers decent value for money. After 5 PM on weekdays, the costs are higher and for Rush Lounge members there are special benefits. The in-house restaurants are reasonably priced. There is enough parking space for nearly 50 cars.

Anytime between - 7 AM – 11 PM

By Pranay Rupani
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