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Deccan Pen Stores - Abids

  • Category:Flowers and Gifts, Books and Stationery, Shopping
  • Type: Stationery, Gifts
  • Phone: 040-23202306
  • Address: # 2 & 3, Orient Estate,
    Hyderabad - 500001.

Established in 1928, Deccan Pen Store stocks pens, pencils, inks, diaries and other office paraphernalia. Sheaffer, Montblanc, Cross, Waterman, Hertig, Parker etc are all available here. You can get specialty pens like fiber-tipped ones, short hand pens and more too. The store also has an in-house pen repairer to mend your pen troubles.

Editorial Review

Deccan Pen Store looks like a typical stationery store with large display units showcasing pens and office paraphernalia. But then, what strikes you instantly are the ranges of pens juxtaposed neatly inside the glass...

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