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Customized ice creams at Cream Stone Creations | Hyderabad

What you see – There are cars queued up on the main road, right opposite the KBR Park. We see courteous waiters taking orders and serving customers in the comfort of their air-conditioned cars. Cream Stone Creations ice cream parlor’s popularity seems high among the well-heeled of Hyderabad just as it is among college goers who love hanging out here for its yummy-licious ice creams.

What you get - Freeze your imagination – the tagline of this ice cream parlor holds much significance as Cream Stone Creations lets you make your own heavenly concoctions with toppings like nuts, gems, Perk chocolate, jelly, choco chips, Snickers chocolate and exotic fruits. And so apart from the standard options on the menu, which by the way are quite exotic, you can custom make your ice cream with a topping mix of your choice. Prices start from Rs. 110 onwards.

Among the chocolaty options, Willi Wonka, an exotic combination of chocolate pastry and dark chocolate ice cream, is quite popular. Brownie Break is another hot favorite. Among their nutty creations, Nuts Overload, served in a waffle cup, topped with roasted almonds is like manna from heaven. Another popular option in this section is Choco Almond Fudge, a gooey mix of Manila hot chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream, topped with almonds and chocolate shavings.

If you are a fresh fruit fan, you must make a dig at the fruit creations available here. Litchi Lake, Fruit Exotica (a combination of several exotic fruits and ice cream) and Fresh Alphonso ice cream are all worth trying. Don’t forget to ask about their seasonal creations. Weight watchers are not left high and dry as they too get to savor low-calorie, sugar free options topped with fresh fruits and nuts.

Our verdict - Visit Cream Stone Creations for their ice creams, for they do it like nobody else. The melt in your mouth delights whipped up by Cream Stone Creations are sinfully tempting. The waffle cups the ice creams are served in don’t get soggy. Service is very prompt and you are served well within the comfort of your car. On the expensive end, it is one of the very few eating joints open till very late. Securing seating space in the garden sit out is an ordeal and hence the queued up cars. However, locating a parking spot can be a problem on weekends.

Anytime between – 12 PM – 1 AM

By N Arora

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