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Big Bazaar - Chikkadpally

  • Category:Accessories, Kids' Shopping, Music and Movies, Malls and Super Markets, Electronics and Appliances, Home Decor, Furniture, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Entertainment, Shopping
  • Type: Supermarkets
  • Phone: 040-66571111
  • Address: # 1-8-557,
    Hyderabad - 500029.
  • LandMark: Beside Odeon Theatre

The 1,80,000 square feet mall houses the Big Bazaar outlet that addresses the household and personal needs of a customer apart from individual shops for clothes and accessories for men and women. It has an open terrace which can be used for corporate functions or private parties.

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Average Rating 2.50 
ashok's Review on 28-08-2010
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Chikkadpally

This is to bring notice, that the luggage counter at Big Bazzar ameerpet does not allow laptop bags, and you need to carry with you in the mall while shopping, The consumer desk provides very poor customer service , and the products sold here are mostly in damaged condition, You cannot simply pick up any product including apparel without checking it thoroughly,There is no store assistance available is selecting the product, as most of them are busy in arranging the merchandise or gathered at billing deskYou will find two billing machine in each corner, but 10-12 people for billing , and nearly 10-15 people in queue. It feels as if you had made a sin by buying the product, got to wait till you drop, and then finally when your turn comes, they say that the offer is not valid on this product, or the price tag is missing, and many a times the card swiping machine does not workIt seems they are masters in bluffing and always mislead by huge promotions and advertising, but are really very poor in providing quality products at real low prices with good customer serviceOut of 101 stores, I don’t think 10 of them are really doing good in terms of good service.

Anvita's Review on 18-04-2010
2.00  2.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Chikkadpally

We can find the summer clothing for women. They have some discount on wednessday.