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Apollo Hospital - Jubilee Hills

Apollo Hospital - Hyderabad.
  • Category:Doctors and Hospitals, Health and Wellness
  • Type: Hospitals
  • Phone: 040-23607777
  • Address: Jubilee Hills,
    Hyderabad - 500033.
  • LandMark: At Film Nagar

Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills is a 250-bed multi-specialty hospital. It deals in a wide variety of healthcare ranging from the one for children to the one for heart patients. It is a part of the Apollo 1066 emergency network.

Editorial Review

Apollo Health City, Asia’s first health city, is an extension of the Jubilee Hills Apollo Hospital started in 1988. This health city has several departments and adjoining medical college facilities too...

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Average Rating 4.00 
Pankaj's Review on 30-05-2008
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Apollo Hospital,Jubilee Hills

They are good for emergency services. The doctors in emergency are good, sometimes you get to meet specialists in emergency. I used to take my kids there but shifted to rainbow as they are more specialized in pediatrics, but when my kids had an emergency accident at night, i could not think of any otehr hospital except apollo. I knew everything that is needed will be there even though it might be costly.

Zubin's Review on 15-05-2008
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Apollo Hospital,Jubilee Hills

Man the best hospital in town,so what if they charge more they provide us with world class treatment.The only "Health city" I know of.

anasuya's Review on 13-03-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Apollo Hospital,Jubilee Hills

multi-specialty hospital.

Hey , are you looking for any of the following? multi speciality